Simple Stop - Keuka Cable
Simple Stop - Keuka Cable
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Simple Stop

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  • 1 qty stainless stop end
  • 1 qty jaw
  • 1 qty plastic cap (polished)
  • 1 qty plastic cap (black)


The "simple stop" is the most cost effective way to quickly terminate a cable end into a wood or metal post. Simply pull the cable through the stop end and, insert the jaws and tension from the other end with one of our Keuka "tension" fittings. Simple stop fittings are completely swageless and install with your fingers. Simple stops are a stop end and do not have the ability to tension. Easily disassembled if necessary even after installation


Simple stops are "non tensioning" and should be paired with a "tension" cable fitting. Cable fitting installation is simple and does not require any swaging tools.



  • Item number: K-SS-125
  • Manufactured by Keuka Studios Inc.
  • Simple Stops are made from 316 stainless steel with a mill finish
  • Simple Stops are designed to be used with 1/8 inch diameter stainless steel cable with a 1x19 construction
  • To install, slide cable through simple stop. Inset jaws onto cable, pull tight, cut and press on cap.
  • See the “Dimensions” tab for physical sizes and hole drilling information
  • Made in the USA


Drill 3/8" dia hole in wood or metal posts.

Simple Stop Cable Fitting Drawing