About Us - Keuka Cable - Beautiful Products Built From Creative Minds

Keuka "Cable" manufacturers products that were inspired by the creative minds of Keuka "Studios" Inc. Keuka Studios is a custom metal fabricator that has been building high-quality railing and stair products for over 20 years and shipping them all over the country. 

Our Expertise

No other company in America has the same amount of experience in working with such a variety of materials and finishes located in so many different environments. This experience from the "hands-on" research we have done has driven us to create better products for builders, architects, and homeowners everywhere.

Many other companies have developed products based on the "theory" of what it's like to install cable, however they lack the actual "experience" and the frustration is usually later felt by the installer or customer.

We Quick Ship

By producing some of our best selling products in "volume" we are able to standardize many items while also providing them at a better value to customers everywhere. Products are "ready to ship" eliminating the hassle of waiting for extended periods of time for an order to be custom made. 

Easy to Install

After using literally every cable system on the market and thoroughly understanding the positives and negatives of each product we decided to develop the perfect cable railing fittings. Fittings that can be installed with your fingers (no swagging equipment required), have tension ability on both ends of the cable, a clean "symmetrical" looking design and they are easily taken apart long after being installed, or adjust, if needed.