Questions and Answers

How far apart do I space my cables?

Approximately 3" apart. The general rule is that a 4" ball should not pass through the railing infill. Cables are flexible therefore 3" spacing is recommended.

What is swaging?

To swage (pronounced swaj) is to press a solid fitting or threaded end onto a cable using the force of either a leverage type hand tool or hydraulic press. The tool has dies that shape the fitting to a specific diameter. Also sometimes referred to as a crimper.

What does swageless mean?

A cable fitting that is swageless does not require a swaging tool to install it on a cable. Swageless fittings generally have jaws that "bite" into the cable under tension. All the Keuka fittings are "swageless".

How far apart do I space my posts?

48" maximum distance between posts is recommended. This is also to help prevent cables from separating.

What colors do the cables and fittings come in?

Currently the cables are available in stainless and blackened stainless steel.

What is the best cable size for cable railing?

1/8" diameter is the most commonly used cable diameter. It is also relatively transparent. Larger diameter cables become more difficult to manage as the thicker cable has more spring back force and becomes more difficult to cut and bend on site.

Where are Keuka products made?

Our products are proudly made in the United States. 

How tall should my railing be?

36" measured from the surface of the deck to the top of the railing for most residential applications. 42" is required for commercial applications and also for California residents on guard railing. Guard railing is defined as any railing that presents a fall hazard (30" above ground or higher). 

Is cable railing safe for children?

Yes. The flexibility and small diameter of small cable makes it difficult to grasp and climb. Of course no railing is climb proof.

Can cable railings be used outside?

Yes, cable railings can be used inside or outside. Mother nature will cause any product to weather at an accelerated rate which will not be experienced indoors. 

How do you ship your railing parts?

We ship UPS ground delivery.

Where are you located? 

You can find us at 1011 Rush Henrietta Town Line Rd, Rush, NY 14543, just South of Rochester in Upstate New York between Buffalo and Syracuse.

What are your hours? 

Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm EST 

Have additional questions? Contact us at (855)-454-5678 or info@keukacable.com